Symmons Shower Products

Symmons Temptrol Tub and Shower SystemMany believe that the kitchen is the most dangerous room in your home. While the kitchen can be a danger, the bathroom can pose even greater risks, including scalding.
When bathing or showering, the water temperature and pressure consistency are probably the most important. Many of us are all too familiar with the scenario of one person taking a shower while another person in the house turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet, only to be greeted by a loud cry from the showering person because they got either a sudden burst of water that was either too cold or too hot. Or, there is the case of another fixture in the house being used, dropping the pressure considerably from the full force shower you are used to, to a measly little trickle and then suddenly back again.

We can all agree these are unpleasant experiences that we would all like to forgo, particularly when you are trying to start off your day.
Your morning routine should always be enjoyable and safe. And thanks to the complete line of Symmons shower products, it can be.

For over 70 years, Symmons Industries has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of shower and bath fixtures. With the goal of providing a safe and efficient shower experience, Symmons Industries developed and introduced the anti-scald and pressure-balancing shower valves.

With Symmons behind your shower wall, you can rely on one of the long lasting, high-quality thermostatic temperature limiting valves like the Maxline, which helps to prevent scalding. Or, perhaps one of the Temptrol pressure-balancing mixing valves that instantly and continually equalizes the hot and cold-water pressure.

But Symmons didn’t stop at the shower valve with their high standards for quality and safety. They also offer complete lines of showerheads as well as lavatory, kitchen, bar and laundry faucets for your home. Symmons also features institutional metering showerheads and faucets, sensor operated faucets and much, much more.


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