Aging In Place

Staying in your own home is desirable, and comforting as the years go by. With today’s larger senior population, aging in place has taken on a new meaning – a more sensible alternative to relocating to an assisted living facility when all you might need is a little extra support to remain independent. That is where we come in! offers many products to assist you with daily living, providing those extra little options to make your home safer and more comfortable for independent living, while easing the mind of your loved ones because they know you have a safe environment to live in. Just take a look at all of the helpful products offered, and let us be your source for the tools you need to remain safe and comfortable in your own home.

As we age, we notice a certain amount of physical decline. Whether this change is pronounced or barely noticeable varies from person to person, but eventually all of us need a little help in our daily tasks. For an independent individual, even the mildest changes in physical ability can be extremely frustrating. And then, when researching options for at home care aids to help around the house, most of what’s out there seems like it’s designed for hospitals and nursing homes. While this does mean those products meet ADA requirements and will support a grown adult’s weight, they do have a tendency to look a bit institutional. If this isn’t your cup of tea, let’s look at a few things that will help support your independence without making your home look like a hospital. After all, a home is more than four walls and plumbing; it’s a place where you’re comfortable. We’re here to help you maintain your comfortable home, but provide the assisted living products you need to continue living independently.

example of installed grab bars as towel barsGrab bars are one of the easiest additions to make to a home that make a huge difference. Having a steady hand hold when getting in and out of the shower can be a lifesaver…literally! Most of the accidents in the home are in the bathroom, where the combination of water and smooth surfaces can make for some tricky conditions. So if, like many seniors, you’re finding yourself taking a little longer to get in and out of the bath, or reaching for a towel bar to steady yourself, a grab bar is an inexpensive way to help prevent falls and expensive hospital bills. Towel bars are literally designed to hold towels, not people, and they will not provide enough support if grabbed at in a fall. In fact, they can actually injure you when they release from the wall. Fortunately, the solution is easy: simply replace your towel bars with sturdy grab bars. You can also add a grab bar right next to your shower or anywhere else you reach to steady yourself. We offer both simple stainless steel styles as well as some lovely decorative styles. Both will be sturdier than a standard towel bar and will provide a strong place to steady yourself, so it’s simply a matter of selecting according to your mobility needs and personal preferences.

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