Toilet Seats For Your Themed Bathroom

Every bathroom needs a theme. Sometimes that theme is simply blue-and-white, while sometimes it’s Arabian Nights. Sometimes a theme is subtle, no more than an echo of shapes. Sometimes it’s obvious to the most oblivious of observers with great splashes of color and coordinating shower curtain, toothbrush holders, towels, and sink stoppers. Perhaps a ducky sink?

Cottage style toilet seat

Whatever theme you’ve selected for your bathroom, the toilet seat is always one of those things you work around. Standard seats are so plain, but you don’t want a fabric seat cover. So, what can you do?

Rose pattern toilet seat

In our perpetual search for new and unique, or at the very least, interesting or intriguing, toilet seats, we have come across themed toilet seats. These seats have pictures and patterns actually molded as part of the wood composite seat, making them more interesting than plain toilet seats, while still avoiding the fuzzy seat cover.

Whatever style you embrace, take a look at the lovely toilet seat sculptures we offer for a little piece of functional art for your bathroom.

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2 thoughts on “Toilet Seats For Your Themed Bathroom

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    I am looking for toilet seat with moon and stars.
    I see you have a sun, moon, and stars one. But can’t find it in your site to purchase.
    Thank you,


      Hi Patricia,

      Unfortunately, the manufacturer has recently discontinued these seats and we can no longer get them. We’re sorry we were unable to help you with what you are looking for, but if we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you for reading our blog!


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