How To Install Standard / Regular Toilet Seats

If you’ve never installed a toilet seat and find yourself needing to, you may be wondering what to do. Don’t worry, has you covered. We will show how to install one our most common models of toilet seats.

Step 1: If your new seat came equipped with bolt covers, pop open the lids of the bolt covers.

installing standard toilet seat with bolts

Step 2: Place the seat on the toilet and line up the holes of the toilet with those in the seat.  Insert the bolts provided, through the bolt-holes.

how to install bolts on a toilet seat

Step 3: From the underside of the toilet, thread the nut provided onto the bolt. Hand-tighten until snug.

how to hand tighten the bolts on a toilet seat

Step 4: To complete the installation, carefully tighten the bolts with a screwdriver. Typically, once the nut is hand-tightened, only about a quarter of a turn of the bolt with a screwdriver is needed. To do this, hold the wing-nut with one hand, and with the other, use the screwdriver to tighten the bolt. Be careful not to over tighten them, as it is possible to crack the seat or the porcelain.

tighten bolts on a toilet seat with screwdriver

Check out our great selection of Regular/Standard toilet seats.


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