Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Traditionally, we give candy, jewelry, flowers, or a nice dinner out for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because it’s expected.

But what if you have a less traditional sweetie? Or one who’s trying to lose a few pounds or has allergies? Or one whose jewelry box is overflowing? Or… all of the above? What then?

Well, the experts will tell you that the best gift is one of time. Spending quality time with your sweetie can sometimes mean spending time means doing what they want you to do or what needs to be done, even if it’s not the most fun thing on your list. Why do we bring this up? Well, if you’re opting for non-traditional gift giving, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time to replace the leaky kitchen faucet, or to give the bathroom a facelift with a new toilet, faucet, grab bars or towel bars. Maybe’s it’s the time to replace the cartridges in the dripping shower, or install the outdoor sink for the potting bench that’s been on the wish list for years, with a little love note from you, of course! Think about the things that have been sighed over as perfect additions to the home, but never happened, and you may win more than a “thank you” this time around.

Looking for a few ideas that feel more decadent? One of those things that are gazed at longingly, but that they would never purchase for themselves? Sounds like a great idea for a gift to us!

Example of a Myson towel warmerA towel warmer is a terrific addition to any home – the luxury of warm towels after a candle-lit bubble bath for the romantic, while the more practical minded would also note that a towel warmer is a gentle way to dry delicate items; a portable towel warmer can even take a turn in the mudroom on rainy days for coats and gloves. But you can just say you’re pampering your sweetie after a hard day and a long soak, right?A three sided mirror by Miroir Brot

A fabulous mirror might appeal to your sweetie. With all the lovely finishes available, it’ll inspire oohs and ahhs for sure. And no need to tell that the magnification is just a little higher this year since you noticed the squinting over the last few months.

For the gardener, you might consider a drip system to help get ready for the planting season since you noticed the complaining about the hose and watering can dance. Just thinking about the time you can spend together without the garden hose will bring on a smile.

There are many ways to express love and affection, and while fixtures and faucets may not seem like the most romantic gifts, non-traditional gifts truly show that you’re paying attention and will be daily reminders of the home and life you’re building together. Maybe the experts know something after all?

All right – time to ‘fess up! Would your sweetie prefer jewelry or a new faucet? What about a new faucet as pretty as jewelry?


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