But The Box Store Said…

Now, we don’t want to bash on the big box stores (some of our best team members came to us from them), but when we’re told that our information is wrong because the box store employee told them so, it makes us stop and think. We double check our information, make sure what we have is current and correct (after all, we’re human too), and when we can’t find the error, we scratch our heads. Did the box store start employing licensed plumbers as floor staff? Was the manufacturer  (where we got our information) somehow mistaken?

At the end, once we’ve confirmed with the manufacturer that we have the correct spec sheets, our website has been double checked, and we’ve made sure we currently have access to the part in question, we can only assume the box store employee didn’t understand the question; perhaps it was the “new guy”?

But this experience reminds us: Always, always, always check your information! Ask why the box store floor staff, plumbing supply house employee, or even your plumber recommended a particular part. If it doesn’t make sense, ask him or her to explain again until you understand. Maybe go so far as to double check with the manufacturer (or wherever your informant said the info came from). Sometimes people don’t catch every detail or they didn’t understand the problem or question. Sometimes they’re simply wrong but sound confident. It’s your home and your plumbing; knowing what’s going on will only help you.

We’re not plumbers (or at least, not all of us), but we’ve been supplying plumbing parts and product information to homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and plumbers for over three decades. We stock all sorts of parts, not just the ones corporate wants us to sell, so we have a great selection. We fix our own stuff and have common sense. We know where to look for information, who to ask, and when to refer you to someone who knows even more than we do. We definitely want your business, but your business is more than just sales numbers to us. Have a question? Have 20 questions? Please ask! We want you to get the right parts to fix your problem right now, and feel confident in our ability to help you in the future.

Of course, keep in mind that no one can give you accurate recommendations based on your particular situation unless they are dealing with it directly, not even us. However, a good plumbing supply house can offer the manufacturer’s recommended parts for an unaltered toilet, tankless water heater, or faucet, and maybe a little advice to go with it.

So, when the box store says “no way,” check with us. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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