Somebody Broke The Lid On The Toilet…

We have heard just about every scenario about how it happened and who was to blame: the husband, the wife, the kid, the dog, the cat, the plumber, painter, and candlestick maker. Just one slip of the hand and your porcelain toilet tank lid goes to a million pieces all over the floor. After the dust has settled and the mess has been cleaned up, the reality of the situation becomes apparent each time you enter your bathroom and see the gaping hole exposing the innards of your toilet. Not too pretty.

But what’s the big deal aside from how it looks? Well, for one, an open toilet tank presents a huge temptation to small children and anyone else who likes to poke at things. But seriously, we’ve had restaurants looking for a lid per an inspector, as well as the mom of the kid who broke the tank lid in restaurant. We’ve also had realtors call to fix the missing cover issue or the house wouldn’t sell.

So, the “who-done-it” aside, you need a new toilet tank lid. And we’re here to help. We can work with you to get your bathroom back in order by finding a replacement toilet tank lid. We have the largest inventory of salvaged tank lids and will most likely be able to find one that will fit your toilet; and we’ll search our inventory for you for free! Want to learn more? Check it out!

The best part? All the profits from our tank lid sales are donated to charity.

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