Is It A Good Drip Or A Bad Drip?

If you think all drips are bad, we encourage you to think again.

We typically flood our yards and gardens with sprinklers and hoses, and a day or two later, flood them again. Not only is this time-consuming if you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system, but it’s wasteful. Much of the water sprayed by sprinklers evaporates before absorbing into the soil and nourishes the plants.  With rectangular yards and circular or semi-circular sprinkler patterns, the sprays often overlap and water the fence or the sidewalk. The result? Water washing down sidewalks, bark ground cover floating away, and children jumping in puddles, much to their mothers’ dismay. Your water bill climbs, and you still don’t feel like your plants are getting the care they need.

Example of drip system in useThe solution? A drip irrigation system. Ideal for gardens, borders, and container planting, drip irrigation allows you to precisely place the exact level of water your plants need delivered right to where they need it. Drip irrigation helps prevent soil erosion and reduces accidentally watering the weeds. Depending on the needs of your plants, you can install simple soaker hoses, or customize each outlet for the exact needs of the plant. You can create a drip system to provide a constant drip, or you can turn it on for only part of the day. Add a timer to automate it! Completely custom, very efficient, and easy to install and modify. We offer drip system components, so you can create your own from the ground up.

So, say goodbye to wasting water, let the kids know they’ll have to wait for the rain to puddle-jump, keep your ground cover where it belongs, and watch your plants flourish. Ready for more? Read on…


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