Have You Hugged Your Plumber Lately?

From ancient aqueducts to modern kitchens, getting water from here to there has always been a big deal. We all need water to survive, so clean water is an obvious priority.

Example of a double check backflow prevention valveWith plumbing comes people who know all about it – how to create it effectively, how to install it properly, and how to fix it right.

Along the way, plumbing systems and materials codes were created and evolved as we learned more and found what worked best with what we learned. Through modern plumbing we have discovered what causes contaminated water, virtually eliminated waterborne diseases, created a better standard of living, and saved thousands of lives.

sotc-0701cToday, licensed plumbers are specifically trained in theory and application of water principles, materials composition, and certain construction practices. All this so you can enjoy a flushing toilet, running shower, dishwashers, clothes washers, and a simple faucet. No longer slaves to the bucket, latrine hole, and waterborne illnesses, and we have plumbing and plumbers to thank for it.

Example of an older American Standard toiletSo, if you haven’t already find plumbing and plumbers absolutely amazing, take a look around, see what you would be missing without clean running water in your home, irrigation in the fields, and a nice storm drain system.

Then find a plumber and say thank you!

Your turn: what would you miss most if modern plumbing suddenly disappeared?


4 thoughts on “Have You Hugged Your Plumber Lately?

  1. hiawathasewer

    Great title and great article. I think i’m give a shout out on my blog and relate it back to yours. “Have You Hugged Your Plumber Lately?” How great is that. What people don’t realize is how hard we work and think about issues and problems to make things clean and easy for homeowners. Yesterday we encountered a clogged sewer line at one of our clients homes. We got the city to come out and clean there line and we were stuck in a bunch of roots. After three hours of work we got the roots out and the line running. We pulled out about 30 gallons of roots from their line. This owner was older and didn’t have the line cleaned in over 10 years. He was happy he didn’t have to dig his line up like the previous company before us said he would have to. The other day a client was backing up in their home. We went over and found out the city department “lined” the sewer and forgot to open up service for this house to drain into the city sewer. Again, last night a client called and had a ceiling full of water from a main floor washing machine. We found a clogged drain in the basement that was holding water. The house was about 7,300 sq. ft. and another company has no clue that the issue was. They thought it was a broken pipe in the ceiling which is why they called us out. But really they just had a clogged line. When i saw your article and it said “hug a plumber” i was stunned and happy all at the same time. People need to realize just because were willing to get our hands dirty doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a hug. Maybe people shouldn’t hug us after a job but another time should would be nice. We work very hard to make people’s life easier and toilet’s flush faster. Keep writing and thanks again for a great post.

    1. theplumbingsupplyco Post author

      Sounds like you’ve had some pretty big jobs lately! Keep up the good work! We’re sure your clients appreciate your hard work.

      We’re glad you like the post; it’s what we can do to let all the great plumbers out there know how much we appreciate them! We can see how a hug right after a job might be a little (a lot?) yucky, how about a verbal “hug” – also known as a sincere thank you – for all your hard work?

      On behalf of everyone you’ve helped: Thank you!

  2. plumbing service seattle

    In your water heater the anode rod plays a major role in corrosion protection. This protects your tank from corroding. Even though the water heater tank is glass lined there is always imperfections in the lining. If this process was perfect your heater would never fail.


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