The New Grab Bar

When you hear “grab bar”, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s those long bars you see in public bathrooms or hospitals. You know, those stainless steel, industrial looking chunks of metal bolted to the wall.

What if we were to tell you that you may have encountered grab bars and thought they were something else? What if we were to tell you that grab bars are great for more than just public restrooms and hospitals? What if we were to tell you that the addition of elegant grab bars, placed discreetly, could increase the value of your home? What do you think of grab bars now?

Here's a grab bar with finials in a polished brass finishLovely example of a satin nickel grab barHow about a great antique brass grab bar?

First of all, grab bars these days come in all shapes and sizes and in a lovely selection of finishes. Long gone are the days of only one option, though of course the stainless steel tube is still widely available. But if you’re in the market for something more elegant, we suggest taking a second look at grab bars.

Example of a child pulling on a sturdy grab barSecond, by definition a grab bar is incredibly sturdy – it is designed to hold hundreds of pounds of weight without breaking or pulling from the wall. Hmm… when was the last time your toddler swung from the towels when you were trying to get him in the tub? Or knocked the towel bar down when trying to stuff the towel over the bar? How many times have you reinstalled or replaced that cheap chrome towel bar only to have to do it again? A solid and durable grab bar begins to look like a great investment after a while, doesn’t it? A sturdy, all brass designer towel bar, while not designed for the weight of a person, may stay on the wall longer, but for the same price or sometimes less, you can get a grab bar that is ADA compliant so you know it’s been tested and rated to hold the weight of a person; Tarzan Jr. won’t be able to budge it!

Grab bars on the side of a whirlpool tub are safe and stylishAnd thirdly, and possibly the most important, the sense of safety a grab bar can offer is amazing. If you fall and try to grab for something, towel bars will buckle, plain walls offer no grip, and shower doors should never be used as handholds or safety grips. If you or your loved ones ever reach for a towel bar or the shower door to steady yourself, you know how reassuring it can be to have a good handhold when you need it, so why don’t you install a grab bar right where you automatically reach to steady yourself? You’ll be glad you did!

Believe it or not, there are three grab bars in this pictureSo, for your next home improvement project, consider investing in your safety, style, and beauty and add a grab bar or three!

Your turn – what convinced you to finally install grab bars in your home, and were they plain or pretty?


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