Father’s Day Gift Brainstorm

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you’re still wondering what to give one of the most important men in your life.

You could give him a gift certificate, a new tie, or perhaps some tools. Oh, you’ve already done all of those… over and over? Well, let’s try for something a bit more unique for dear old Dad.

Example of this great hand held cameraWhat does your Dad like to do? If he’s  weekend warrior, the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, or even just a gadget guy, a tool may actually be something he would get a real kick out of. For the Dad who has everything, why not a drain inspection camera? No, not those huge ones with hundreds of feet of cable (unless he’s a plumber, of course). We’re talking about a nice, hand held, battery powered camera for the gadget-happy patriarch. It’s great for checking to see if sister’s favorite ring is actually down the bathroom drain before pulling it all apart, looking under the fridge without pulling it out, or seeing what’s in that hole in the wall. With the magnetic end on the camera, dad can even pick up dropped screws!

Photo of a dual shower headPerhaps Dad is more of a relaxed, laid back type of guy. The type that really enjoys a nice hot shower. A great Father’s Day gift for this guy would be a terrific multi-function shower head or hand shower and a promise not to interrupt. He already found the perfect showerhead but complains about hot water running out? For the truly ambitious, a tankless water heater would earn you the title of best gift-giver ever (especially if Dad doesn’t have to install it)!

Photo of a shower dispenser caddyPerhaps Dad is organized and practical – a real by-the-book sort of guy. Or maybe he just likes to soak in a bath at the end of a long hard day and hates the way he has to move shampoo, conditioner, and body gel bottles out of the way to properly relax in the tub. For this dad, a thoughtful gesture would be to clear away the clutter with a shower dispenser and organizer. You can even offer to fill and label it for him, though hyper-organized Dad may want to do it his way. That’s okay, it’s Dad’s choice on Father’s Day, right?

Toilet police sticker photoJoker Dad will get a kick out of a great gag gift, like our poop pen. Box it up or leave it out and watch hilarity ensue (just don’t tell Mom it was your idea). Fake poop not Joker Dad’s style? What about our toilet police stickers?

Whatever you give your Dad on Father’s Day, give it with a hug, your love and respect, and we’re sure he’ll love it!

Your turn: what’s the best/worst Father’s Day gift?


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