A Few Holiday Thoughts

Example of Christmas packagesDuring the holiday season, we’re bombarded by media messages of how “this is a great gift” and “you can’t go wrong with that” and of course “if you don’t get this, you’re a schmuck” (though not necessarily in those exact words).

We could add onto this by saying “buy the gift that will keep on giving year round – a new low flow toilet will save water (which saves you money) and look impressive wrapped under the tree!” or “if your wallet is empty, but your heart is full, give the gift of time, and take care of all those little honey-do’s to make your sweetie happy this holiday season” or even “these fantastic faucets are so pretty it’s like jewelry for your kitchen!” How about the ultimate guilt trip: “your perfect holiday party isn’t perfect if your faucet is dripping.”

And yes, that’s part of the job every retailer has this holiday season – we all need to convince the public with their wish lists and gift lists that we need to be included in their holiday spending spree. After all, that’s why people are in business, right? To make money?

Well yes, and at the same time, no. Yes, we need to make money to buy more product, pay our fantastic employees, keep our lights on, and all of that sort of stuff. We simply wouldn’t be around if we didn’t. But at the same time, no, because as any dedicated professional can tell you, the belief in the importance of your service is the reason for doing your job to begin with. We believe water is important. Our founder was a plumber, a plumbing instructor, and was/is, quite passionate about his work. Clean water is essential for basic health and wellness – just ask your doctor! Proper maintenance of plumbing systems and fixtures keep the water coming in clean, and going out in predictable and safe ways. Our job is to help you keep your plumbing working properly by providing parts so you can fix what you can, and to also provide the fixtures, filters, pipe, and fittings so your plumber can do what you can’t. Our pleasure is to help you with your dream kitchen or bathroom. Our heart is in our charity work. All of these things are possible by staying in business.

So, as much as you’re probably expecting the standard holiday sales pitch, and naturally, we’d love to have the opportunity to provide you with amazing customer service, right now we’d just like to take a moment and remind you to breathe and to “remember the reason for the season.” Which, by the way, is another great marketing bit, though we’re not using it here as originally intended. What we mean by this is, aside from religious sentiments surrounding the holiday season, there’s also a strong tradition of connecting with family and friends, even if it’s the only time of year you do so (ah, the yearly appearance of the three page family letter from second-cousin Annie).

We hope you have a happy holiday season and encourage you to take time with your friends and family whether surrounded by lots of beautifully wrapped gifts, or simply lots of love. And hey, if you choose to spend time with Grandma by fixing her toilet with parts we shipped right to her door, who are we to complain, right?

Best holiday wishes from your friends at PlumbingSupply.com

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