Are You Ready For Spring?

It should come as no surprise that gardeners have favorites. There is often discussion about this tomato vs. that tomato, or whether this color of rose is right for the ornamental garden plot over there. Garden tools are no different. Several of our team members have gardens, both ornamental and edible, that range from the basic to the fantastic. As an ode to spring, we’ve complied a list of their favorite garden helpers from our warehouse:

Coiled garden hose in olive greenCoiled hose – There’s nothing worse than dragging a hose back and forth across your nice, green lawn in an effort to coil it up nicely after watering the roses. If you get annoyed at your garden hose and leave it out, you get lines of brown crisscrossing your lawn seemingly overnight. If you conscientiously put it away after each use, you wind up with muddy hands. It can feel like a no-win situation! This fantastic coiled hose is the ideal solution. Designed for portability and often used for watering individual plants, like in a container garden, this hose has a slightly smaller diameter than the standard garden hose. Several of our staff have one or more of these hoses and say they love it for watering container gardens and confirm the manufacturer’s claims of flexibility and vibrant color even after years of use. One team member likes to use it for filling the kids’ wading pool. She says the coils almost work as a “clip” to keep the hose from slipping out of the pool while it’s filling.

Our favorite lightweight straight garden hosesStraight garden hose – We consider this the very best garden hose made. Seriously, it’s great! Flexible, lightweight, and sturdy, this hose is fantastic for those who need more water faster than the coiled hose will offer (like for car washing), but still want something that will last longer than the frustrating bargain basement garden hoses that every home seems to have. We’ve been offering these hoses for years and the only complaint we’ve had is that they don’t come in enough colors; fortunately, the “sand” color looks good against pretty much any house color. Several of our staff own these hoses too, and even with consistent use (and in some cases, abuse), these hoses still outshine every other straight garden hose we’ve tested.

Water pressure regulatorWater pressure regulator – You might wish you had better water pressure, but those with high water pressure know it causes its own set of problems. Most residential fixtures and plumbing are designed to withstand average pressures of 40 – 80psi. Lower pressures result in limp garden hoses, frustrating showers, and filters that seem to simply stop the water flow. On the other hand, higher water pressure can blow seals, cause poorly connected fittings to burst, and generally cause leaks both inside and out. One of our staff literally blew through four garden hoses in about a year due to his 120psi water pressure. He finally invested in our fantastic garden hoses mentioned above and eventually added a water pressure regulator to his system, and couldn’t say enough nice things about the change.

Decorative hose bibb with turtle handleThe last things on this list are purely decorative. And by that we mean that we offer them just because they’re pretty. All of our staff have ooh’d and ahh’d over these gorgeous hose bibbs. Don’t get the wrong idea! They work, and do their job extremely well. In fact, the only difference between these decorative hose bibbs and the “plain” hose bibbs we also offer are the whimsical handles, so you know they’re well made. Go ahead, indulge your desire for pretty things without sacrificing practicality and trade out that plain-Jane garden hose bibb. These decorative hose bibbs will brighten your garden with a little whimsy and make you smile to catch a glimpse of a cast bronze dragonfly or butterfly peeking through the day lilies.

Circular shaped garden hose holderWant another example of functional art? Take a look at these garden hose holders; they’re like filigree jewelry for your wall! We like them because they create a little feeling of luxury with their gorgeous designs and lovely finishes while still offering the practicality of sturdy, rust-proof and recycled cast aluminum. One team member pointed out that she especially likes the circular style garden hose holders because they will hide ugly hoses effectively but don’t automatically create a hiding place for the black widow spiders we see around here like a lot of the decorative hose boxes.

So that’s a few of our staff favorites, but we have quite a few other garden related items on our website. And of course, we offer all the fittings you need to repair or expand your sprinkler system, drip system, or even add a drinking fountain to your back yard.

Your turn: what’s your favorite garden helper?


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