April Showers Bring… Plumbing Supplies?

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” And truly, the rain is something we’re very grateful for.  And like so many things, a common saying suggests thoughts and memories.

Some of us, when we think  of frequent spring rains, we also think of the problems it brings – flooded basements, driveway runoff, and soggy landscaping. Some problems can be solved by basement sump pumps and other supplies we’re happy to help you find.

Others think of the garden we’ve invested so much time and effort in creating and maintaining. We take a moment and appreciate that Mother Nature’s doing the watering this time since it’s a hassle to drag the hose about on a hot day. Perhaps this year it’s time to add a drip system or an extra hose bibb to the far end of the yard, or upgrade to a prettier one (just for fun).

And still others of us are reminded of muddy children gleefully stomping in puddles and excitedly pointing out rainbows as the skies clear. We don’t have much that will help you make that any better, but we do recommend patience and a good mop if they stomp those wet shoes in the house!

Whatever spring rains make you think about, we hope you also think of PlumbingSupply.com for all your plumbing needs.


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