Teak My Bath!

Teak has been the hot “new” thing lately with the trend toward luxury bathrooms. And why not? Teak has all sorts of fantastic qualities, which is why ship builders used it way back when, and still use it now. We’ve just gotten smart and brought it home with us to improve our homes.

Teak folding bench in showerSo what makes teak so amazing anyway? Well, beyond the terrific reddish-brown color of new teak products, which is simply gorgeous, its naturally weather resistant as well as highly resistant to mildew, fungi and rot.  As if this wasn’t enough, teak is pretty strong. All together, it’s a great wood for almost anything that will be exposed to the elements on a regular basis, which it was used by shipbuilders even way-back-when.

These days, we see teak mainly in outdoor furniture and on boats. If oiled and maintained, teak will maintain that lovely distinctive color. If left to age naturally, it loses none of the exceptional qualities that make it so desirable, but will age into a lovely silvery color rather like driftwood.

So what’s this have to do with a plumbing supply company?

Teak porthole mirrorWell, since this stuff does so well with water, we thought you might like it in your bathroom. Tired of cold tiles and slippery rugs? Get a teak bath mat. To coordinate, add towel bars, shelves, perhaps a robe hook or two. Don’t worry, the teak will handle being in a steamy bathroom just fine.

Naturally, teak and boats are simply made to go together, so there’s quite a few teak accessories specifically designed to make your boating life easier. For those of you who prefer to do your traveling on land, those accessories also fit fantastically in an RV or motor home, keeping your dishes, spices, and other necessities stowed away neatly.

Gorgeous organization can make a real difference in smaller spaces, so the same things that work so well on boats and in motor homes can make a cabin or small apartment more comfortable.

Teak folding tableLove the look of teak but running short on ideas outside of the bathroom? Teak benches will withstand the rigors of a busy household, and are incredibly versatile, making them an ideal gift for parents. Set just inside the entryway as a seat for pulling off wet boots and coats and add a few teak hooks for an instant organizational solution for jackets, hats and scarves.

How about using a teak waste paper basket to hide an ugly pot for your favorite plant for an instant visual upgrade? Or a folding teak table for convenience? Tired of struggling with a flimsy plastic step stool? Try a teak one!

We’re sure when you put your mind to it, you’ll find all sorts of places you could tuck a little teak around your home.

Your turn: what’s your opinion – love the teak, or leave it?

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