Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Plumbing

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13 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Plumbing

  1. Jessy Shaw

    I really like your tip about using a snake to remove any clogs from the drains. My two girls share a bathroom and neglected to tell us about a clog that had formed in their shower. Luckily we caught it before any damage was done! Checking, cleaning and maintaining all your pumps can definitely save you a lot of money in the long run!

  2. Brandon Roberts

    I really do appreciate you talking about all of these different plumbing tips. I myself have had some difficulties dealing with plumbing. And sometimes, I really do not know how I would go about handling the problem. So I feel like I could really use some of these tips that you gave to help me out. I really need to go check my water heater out soon, because I haven’t done that in a while. So thanks a ton for making me aware of this.

  3. Carter Michaelson

    There is so much hair in our master bathroom drain, that I’m just waiting for it to come alive and eat me. I have my wife to thank for that. I’m not really sure that a snake would be able to do the trick so I am thinking about having a drain cleaning service here in Hickory, NC come and do all of our drains. I think they could do a much better job than me. Thanks for the tips.

    1. PlumbingSupply.com Post author

      Hi Carter,

      We agree that some jobs are just too big for a DIY’er to tackle and sometimes those monster clogs really do require a professional. Hopefully they’ll get it all before it comes to life! Thanks for reading!

  4. Linda Tucker

    Thanks for sharing this advice on spring cleaning your plumbing along with the rest of your home! I had no idea that you could even install backwater valves on your drains in order to prevent backups. That definitely sounds like a great thing to have, especially since my area gets a lot of rain. The last thing I want is sewage coming through all of our pipes!

  5. Eliza Cranston

    Thanks for the plumbing tips! Plumbing is something I always forget about when cleaning my house, but doing some regular maintenance on my drains and pipes is something I need to keep in mind. I have tried using mesh strainers on my drains before, but I find that they often prevent even shampoo from rinsing down the drain and cause the tub to drain very slowly and leave soap residue. Do you have any suggestions for this?

    1. PlumbingSupply.com Post author

      Hi Eliza,

      The reason most mesh strainers are so effective is because the mesh is fine enough to capture things like hair. However, this makes them very prone to clogging – which will definitely prevent even shampoo and soap from rinsing down the drain. The best way to solve this is just to make sure you’re cleaning out the mesh strainer regularly. The frequency will depend on your family’s specific situation (i.e., how often everyone showers, how many people have long hair, if you’re bathing pets in the tub, etc.). You may need to do it weekly or even every couple of days if you have a big family with long hair. We know this is kind of gross, but trust us – it’s worse if all that stuff is just accumulating and fermenting in your drain. You DON’T want to have to clean THAT out!

      Additionally, take into consideration your water quality. Hard water doesn’t dissolve soap easily, so the shampoo or soap itself could be contributing the clogging effect on your mesh strainers. If you have hard water, you may need to clean out your strainers more often.

      We hope this helps and thanks so much for reading!

      1. Eliza Cranston

        Thank you for the advice! I do have hard water and a lot of girls with long hair in my family so I’ll just have to make sure to clean it out regularly 🙂

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