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Valley Single Handled Shower

Do you have a dripping Valley shower? Not sure what type of shower you have, much less what parts you need? Don’t worry, we have years of experience with Valley repair parts and are here to help.

The most common Valley shower has a single handle that controls temperature and volume. There are three basic categories of Valley single handled showers: standard tub/shower, pressure balanced and back-to-back.

The standard tub/shower units have handles that operate using an up-and-down motion to turn the water on and off. There are two styles, units made before 1993 are dubbed “old style” with the post 1993 models being the “new style.”

The old style uses a small set screw on the bottom side of the handle to attach to the cartridge stem. So, if you are standing in front of your shower and run your finger around the bottom of the handle, you’d feel a slight indent and if you can look closely you’ll see there is a very small screw in there – that is the set screw.

The new style uses a different screw that goes straight through the top of the handle. There is usually a plastic index button that covers the screw.

The pressure balance and back-to-back models both operate by simply turning the handle clockwise or counterclockwise. These two look very similar to each other, and even use the same type of handle. However, many of the other internal parts, including the cartridges, are very different.

Everything connects to the cartridge, so knowing which cartridge you’ll need is half the battle!

Ready to tackle your Valley shower? First step: cartridges!