About PlumbingSupply.com

Since opening our virtual doors in 1995, we have been known as THE leading Internet plumbing supplier. We started out with a mission to transform the task of buying plumbing related products into an enjoyable experience and offer the largest selection of plumbing supplies anywhere. Today, we continue with that mission by providing top quality plumbing products at the lowest possible prices, with strong focus on providing you with excellent customer service.

We here at PlumbingSupply.com sincerely believe that our customers should always come first.

Thank you for reading!

14 thoughts on “About PlumbingSupply.com

  1. David

    I have two showers with the old style Valley single handle. One handle broke, and I bought a replacement handle from Home Depot. It does not work; it binds. I bought one from Lowes (by a different mfr), and it has the same problem. Both replacement handles looked like exact matches for my handle. I tried them on both showers with the same poor results. The original handle that I still have works on both showers just fine. Can you help me find one that works?

      1. The Doraus

        thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I cannot call your 800 number from where I live. Is there another way to contact you?

  2. Christine Bell

    I live in Canada and need an Eljer 1175 replacement flapper for my toilet. I notice you only ship to addresses in the United States. Is there any way I can order it through your company and get it shipped to Canada

    1. theplumbingsupplyco Post author

      Unfortunately, not at this time. Do you have a friend stateside that could forward it to you? Otherwise, your best bet would probably be to contact your local plumbing supply house; they might have it in stock or be able to special order it from the manufacturer.

  3. Fran Freiman

    I have an old Eljer tank and shattered the lid. My landlord is furious. I have pictures of the tank. I’m looking for either the same lid or another that would fit. Please help!

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    1. PlumbingSupply.com Post author

      Hi Charles, we do not sell just toilet tanks – only the lids. While it may not seem like it, toilets really are designed to function as a single unit, meaning that tanks and bowls are not usually interchangeable, even among models by the same manufacturer. They may have different gallons per flush ratings, different bolt configurations, or require different internal components to work most efficiently.


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